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We Believe Skills Are The Future Of Education

Education was built around the notion that people need knowledge in order to meet their potential.  Today, where access to knowledge is easier than ever before, students, employers, and parents are looking for something else.

The 21st-century society, workforce and educational research demand skills. Self-learning, empathy, communication, data proficiency, teamwork, and more, are skills that should be at the heart of any school system. 

At Esteban Educational Solutions, we wake up every day to work with institutions in shifting from a knowledge-based approach to a skill-based approach education system.

To Ignite Change, We Use


The key to unlocking the passion of learning is curiosity, Once a person has a curiosity for something, and he let his curiosity guide him, he has the key to acquiring all skills and knowledge necessary. We believe fostering curiosity should be the basis for educatiom.


The community that surrounds a learner is hiding some of the best learning experiences. Using local professionals and parents, as subject matter experts, to tackle real community challenges, will sparkle a culture of innovation and learning.


Teachers have a central role. They personalize the learning process by curating learning opportunities, recruit experts from the community and make data-driven decisions. Using technology and automation, we free up time and optimize there work routine.

What We Can Do For You

We work with forward-thinking schools to free-up their staff's time, focused it on implementing a skills-based curriculum, and move away from the traditional knowledge-based approach.

Together with the school's staff, community and students, we identify needs and opportunities.

We build together a tailored made system - transition, training, and implementation.

We use technology and automation to help the staff focus on implementing and optimizing.


That's Us

Daniel Weil

Chief Executive Officer

 Experienced manager, entrepreneur and investor, with 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, maker spaces, social and educational change. Daniel was the CEO of XLN, an international network of technological, educational 3D printing and maker spaces, CEO of TOM, a global movement of communities, connecting makers, designers, developers and engineers helping people with disabilities. Daniel also founded Mahshava Tova, a non-profit organization for empowering disadvantaged communities through technology, and grew it from scratch to 100 employees.

Maor Haber

Chief Technology Officer

- Experienced tech entrepreneur, particularly in the field of Technology Education. Maor was lead tech-pedagogy & lead web developer in a publisher called Snunit, where he led a team of 20 people. During his time at Snunit, Maor finished his M.Sc in Education at Tel Aviv University with a focus on Learning Technologies. Maor graduated summa cum laude in Industrial Engineering and gained his  experience in Machine Learning during two and a half years at Intel. Maor built a number of tech-educational programs including Tinkalot - a company facilitating computational thinking workshops for companies and organizations.

Yaron Edel

Chief Product Officer

Creator and entrepreneur at heart, with experience in building work processes, Yaron has 10 years experience in the entrepreneurship and Innovation sectors. Yaron was the Director of the Education Department at the Israel Innovation Institute, where he founded a community of 200 Israeli LearnTech companies, was the R&D Director for PresenTense, and has worked with multiple organizations in the Public, Private and 3rd sectors. Yaron also founded “Project Resisim”, an NGO creating public spaces for combat survivors to share their experience.

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